Cleaning out my Closet

It’s dat time of da year again! Now dat da weather haz gotten cooler outside me and momma decided it waz time to clean out me and Sofie’s closet. We had so many clothes to go through! I couldn’t believe all da clothez I haz. We hazn’t seen my winter clothez in a while cuz itz been so hot outside.

Datz my closet on da left and sofie’s on da right. We doez haz lots of matching clothez so first me and momma paired out da matching outfits and hung dem in each of our closets.

Oh, incase you wondering we got our closets from Build-a-Bear and we haz to go back soon to pick a blue one for Teddy. We iz working on building his wardrobe.

Speaking of Teddy, him waz helping clean da closet too! He even tried on my pink juicy tracksuit.

Here is what the end product looked like.  

Ta-da! But datz not all da clothes, we also haz a big set of drawers dat we put all our random t-shirts in. Oh and a separate drawer for our Howloween costumes/Holiday attire. Dis closet is just for efurryday sunglasses, clothes, collars, charms, bows, shoes, etc…

I highly recommend dat efurry Furshionista haz one of these closets or at least somefing very similar! It helps keep efurryfing organized and it makes me feel like a princess too. I will admit, I doez like to look in dat little mirror too. BOL!


Da best part of cleaning efurryfing is getting rid of it too! Yes I iz going to be giving away some of my gently used and never been worn clothes! These giveaways will be random and will be on my blog wif instructions on how to win. I will announce da giveaways on twitter so if you izn’t following me (@super_muffy) I highly recommend you do so dat you know first hand when da giveaway iz! To win some giveaways you must be on twitter. I am so excited to be giving these clothes away for FREE! However, da sizes are for small pups so big dogs, I doez apologize, der will be other contests later where you will be able to participate and win fings.

Well all dat cleaning haz got me tired so I iz going to take time to relax.


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Efurry year we run into da same problem – Oh no! What iz I going to be fur Howloween?! Diz year I weared a poodle skirt made just for me by Mimi (aka mom’s mom).

Me and my sisfur were “pink ladies” and my brofur waz a greaser! Last year I waz Hello Kitty, costume made by Mimi of course! I love to dress up and get attention on Howloween, if I iz center of attention I iz happy.









I haz a few pointers for picking out da perfect howloween costume.

1. ALWAYS dress comfortable. You iz going to be wearing da costume most likely all day so you wanna feel and look your best.

2. Wear a costume dat you can walk in, especially if you iz going to enter a costume contest. You don’t want to trip or get caught up in your costume when you iz workin it for da judges.

3. If you doesn’t like costumes/dressing up consider somefing minimal. Dis great dane simply wore an “eat mor chikn” sign and it worked cuz his spots made him look like da cow!


4. PLAY THE PART. Nuffin better than bringing your costume to life! Teddy waz a greaser and he definitely brought the ‘tude!






5. Have your human dress like you! Humanz especially haz fun wif dis one and costume contest judges love da extra effort!









6. LITTLE DOGS BRING A STROLLER! If you getz tired then your momma or daddy haz to carry you, I recommend stroller. Me and Sofie love ours, just make sure you doezn’t try to jump out! If you iz a jumper than consider looking for a stroller that you can’t jump out of I haz seen them at several places.

7. BRING WATER! You iz going to get firsty especially if you iz walking around all day in your costume. A Hot dog izn’t a Haute dog iz what I alwayz say.

You can view diz years howloween photos on my site:

Planning for Howloween iz da most important! I already know what I am going az next year, so Mimi get your sewing machine ready we haz work to do!

POODLEKISSES! Happy Howloween!

Muffy the Poodle

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All about the Furshionista

Dis iz my first blog and I iz so excited to share my passion for furshion wif all of you! Dis being my first blog and all I guess itz appropriate to tell you a little bit about me…

My momma got me from Mumford, TN when her waz staying wif her dad back in 2002. So dat makes me 8 years old, but really I still look very young.

My passion for furshion started when I was very young. It started wif my first tshirt. I would wear it all da time! When momma taked it off of me I would feel naked. I finked at first I liked it cuz it maked me feel warm. When momma dresses me I stick my head through da hole in the shirt. Her sez if I could dress myself I would! I love to wear pretty clothes and I fink when people sez itz mean to dress dogs they never had a dog that loved clothes like I do. How doez they know what I like anyway?? I get alot of questionz about my pink ears. Dat started about a year and a half ago and haz become my trademark. Momma just shampoos in some dog-friendly pink hair dye and voila! It doeznt bother me one bit – and believe me, if it did momma wouldn’t do it! Her really loves me and would never do anyfing to hurt me. Well – sometimes I fink when her leaves me at home alone shez mean! Anyways, more about me… Check out this article dat was featured in Houston Pet Talk. It seemz to describe my life perfectly! (You can click on da picture to make it bigger)

I look forward to sharing wif you da latest furshions, my outfits, and inspirations! If you would like to be featured on my blog please e-mail me:

Muffy the Poodle

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