Interview wif fashionista Taylor Lashae

Muffy: Today I iz interviewing miss Taylor lashae fashionista/stylist/fotographer did I leave anyfing out? It seems like you does it all!

Taylor: Hey Little Miss Muffy! Thanks for having me! Haha, you are right! Those are the things I do for work!  I also model and I am an avid fashion blogger on the side! Seems like I do it all, huh? I just like to be wrapped up in the industry and the things I LOVE to do!

Muffy: Well dat sounds  like a lot of fun. Out of efuryfing you do what is da most favorite?

Taylor: Oh, that is a hard one. Out of the things I do, I MOST enjoy STYLING! I absolutely adore dressing people, creating a blank canvas into a live fashion piece! It is like when I was a little girl playing with Barbie and Ken! TONS OF CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES! And they wouldn’t DARE leave their condo without looking absolutely fabulous out on the town!

Muffy: Well I am mom’s barbie BOL! But I doez pick out my own clothes most of da time. If you could give all my furshionista friends out der a style tip for da summer what would it be?

Taylor: My best SUMMER advice would be high waisted shorts! Nothing looks cuter with a tank tucked into some precious shorts with wedge heels! SHOW OFF SOME LEG THIS SUMMER!

Muffy: Well I definitely don’t mind showing a litttle bit of my fur off diz summer. BOL! Does you haz a dog of your own?

Taylor: I do! Her name is Tapanga but we all call her “Tappy” for short! She is half Chihuahua and half Rat-Terrier! She is the highlight of my life! She is the happiest puppy in the world! She dances around and taps her feet when you call her name ” Tap Tap Tap!” On another note, You both would be great shopping buddies!

Muffy: She sounds wonderful. I bet her doez have great style, I will haz to ring her up on the iBone sometime! So pretend like you iz gonna do a photo shoot wif me… How doez you imagine da shoot?

Taylor: I see GOLD! BIG smiles and tons of gold! GOLD HAIR BOWS, GOLD NECKLACE.. GOLD NAIL POLISH GOLD LEATHER JACKET PERHAPS? ROCKSTAR SHOOT! Thanks again for all the wonderful questions! If you ever need a stylist or a ROCKSTAR photo shoot! Let me know! 😉 xoxo

Muffy: OMD! Dat sounds like da best time! Fanks for your time Miz Lashae and I hope one day I can be in one of da amazing photoshoots you do! Poodlekisses!

You can follow Taylor on twitter @taylashae or visit her site

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