Interview wif fashion designer Ainslee Bowers

Today I iz interviewing hooman furshion designer ainslee bowers. Her designs fings fur your hooman.

(M=Muffy, A=Ainslee)

M: hello ms ainslee, how iz you doing?

A: I am great! Thank you for asking

M: You iz welcome, I was wondering wat colors iz in for spring 2011? Please say pink it’s my favorite color! *paws crossed*

A: I recently read in the lastest Marie Claire that pink is very in for Spring 2011. You are tres chic, Muffy!

M: Oh fank goodness. So if you could design an outfit for a dog like me what would it be?

A: You are so stylish, it would have to be a stunning dress.

M: I doez love da dresses. How long has you been in fashion?

A: About 2 years now.

M: Well you iz very talented for only being in fashion 2 years! does you have a website? Where can our mommies buy your clothes?

A: Yes, my website is:, your Mommy is my web designer – she did an outstanding job! Everyone should hire her for their website/logo needs.

M: BOL! Enough about my mom!! Out of da collection wat iz your favrit piece?

A: The Mara Dress in Wicked Blue – it should be the new ‘Little Black Dress’.

M: I fink i like dat on da best too! I hear you iz giving 20% of da sales to japan. That’s real nice of you and I hope you doez raise lots of money fur dem over der.

A: Thank you, Muffy. You know it’s the least I can do, I wish I could do more. I have close friends living in Japan right now and so this is very near to my heart as well.

M: Well I hope they iz doing alright. Will you be designing for dogs anytime soon? Bol!

A: I hadn’t thought of breaking into that field, but it is certainly something I would consider. Is there a certain look you want to have made? I’d do it just for you!

M: I like anyfing pink! Well mom is calling me time to go! Fank u fur letting me interview you! I iz looking furward to seeing more designs from u in da future!

A: Thank you! You were a joy to talk with ❤

Be sure to visit her site! Follow her on twitter @ainslee4ever

Poodlekisses! #furshionfriday

xoxo muffy

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