Muffy’s Wish List

Christmas is around da corner and I iz getting very excited cuz I get gifts! Here iz a few pics from last year:

I iz sniffing my prezents to see what I got...shhh!

Me and my Chewy Vuitton and Barkingsdales card!

I doez know how to open my gifts!

Da best part is making my list out to Santa Paws it gets me real excited for Christmas. Dis year I want a lot of fings so I iz gonna share wif you all what made da top of my list.

1. Sniffany & Co chew toy. Efurry furshionista needs to haz dis little blue box! Itz da perfect little chew toy and you wont get in trouble for chewing on da momma's blue box cuz you haz your own.

2. Jess and Co blinged out tee. I love dis shirt!!! The hot pink against da black is so pretty and it would look nice against my white fur. You can get dis from her haz lots of nice fings on der!

3. Da iBone. So I haz to tweet somehow right? Dis iz da perfect gift for me so I can check my facebook and my twitter! Oh and I can stay up to date on da latest furshions!


4. Carob and Yogurt, Truffle Box. NOM NOM NOM!! You can find dis at

5. Barbie Hoodie. I need diz to keep me warm during winter, oh and its pink and black which is my obsession dis season! Love it! You can find it also at

I will be back wif another list soon, but I wanted to share dis wif you all. If you haz anyfing I might want send me a tweet or email and it could be featured on dis blog! Poodlekisses!

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2 Responses to Muffy’s Wish List

  1. Yorkie Woof says:

    Hi Muffy,
    I just found your blog, it’s really cool! Firstly my owner says to tell you, she loves your pink ears very much! She also likes the Barbie Hoodie in this post but I won’t let her buy it for me because I iz a boy. I do like the iBone though, it would be useful to check my twitterz when my humanz are hogging the computer.
    Anyway I’m off to play bally, nice blog and I’ll stop by soon

    from Rambo the Yorkie 🙂

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