So tomorrow iz Fanksgiving and you all is probably wondering what to wear? I haz some tips and some Fanksgiving do’s and don’ts that will help you dis year look good and feel comfortable after eating all dat food! nom nom nom….

1. Wear somefing comfy, nuffin to tight cuz you iz gonna be eating a lot you doeznt want to wear somefing dat wont fit later dat day! BOL!

2. DON’T WEAR WHITE!! Chances are when you iz going to piggin out on food you iz gonna get on your clothes so don’t wear white or you will look like a mess!

3. Girls wear a pretty pearl necklace or charm necklace, dis will look so cute wif anyfing you decide to wear and will dress it up a bit! BOYS, wear a handsome collar!

4. Last but not least, LOOK CUTE! I suggest wearing somefing dat is going to make da humanz WANT to feed you. So look your best, your cutest and you will get more food. Alwayz works for me!

So what iz i going to wear for fanksgiving?

TADA! Tracksuits/Jumpers are so comfy and you can still look stylish in it. Dis material is stretchy so no matter how much i eat tomorrow i will still feel comfortable! Oh and da best part – sofie has a matching one and teddy has one in green so we will all match!


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3 Responses to FANKSGIVING!

  1. Heather Mella says:

    Soooo cute!!!

  2. Otis says:

    Thanks Muffy. I didn’t knows what to wear tomorrow. Dis helps me lots. Happy Fanksgiving to yoo too!

    • Tallulah Belle says:

      Thanks, Miss Muffins for the great ideas. I think I will wear my beautiful pink pearls with my pink and green sweater. I’ll look faboo.

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