Hello Kitty…Dog clothes?

I know dis may sound silly but I LOVE HELLO KITTY, but I iz a dog? Yes, dogs can like Hello Kitty. In fact, I haz a lot of dog friends that like her! Her iz too cute, duh! Anyways, wanted to show you HK fans some fings you may like.

1. Diz HK tracksuit. Mom ordered one for me and Sofie...should be coming to us soon! We can't wait to wear dem and show you da pictures!

2. HK Tshirts from Cody and Company on Etsy. We love these comfy HK shirts they also haz pink poodles on dem...perfect!

3. HK Costume Tee from eBay (user gashong) - Dis is one of my favorite t-shirts because the hood pulls over into a Hello Kitty face. So adorable, Sofie has one as well. And for only $12 bucks dis a steal!!

4. Howloween costume made by Mimi! Best costume ever. Mimi can make you one too, email me for info!

5. HK Dog Coat (comes with pants too!). THIS IS TO PAW FOR!! This is the only fing on this list that I doeznt haz...Momma Christmas is coming soon *wags tail*. You can find dis on eBay just do a search for "Hello Kitty Dog Coat"

Hope you enjoyed dis post! Poodlekisses!

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7 Responses to Hello Kitty…Dog clothes?

  1. Pierre the Poodle says:

    Oh Muffy I love you in those cute Hello Kitty outfits! You are driving me nuts…
    Can you get married yet?

  2. Diana says:

    Wow so cute! May I ask where you got the hello kitty tracksuit?
    Where can I get one for my girlie?

  3. Cheryl says:

    Hi! I just looooove the Hello Kitty costume by Mimi! Do you have any info about where I can find one for my tiny chihuahua? Thanks so much!

  4. Sara says:

    Who makes the hello kitty costumes? Looking for one for my dog to wear this Halloween! thanks!

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