Wedding Wear

Dere does be lotz of weddings happening right now. I know dat one of my good furiends iz hazing a wedding Miss Tallulah and Mr Otis iz getting married in January.

I found a few barkgains on da internet so here iz a few ideas of what to wear to a fall/winter wedding if you iz planning on going to one soon:

Tux from PawsBoutique on

For da boyz:

Simple Tux $12.99

Dis tux is very simple and iz great if you doeznt really like to wear clothes. It wraps around da neck like a collar so you doeznt have to bother putting legs and head into small dark holes. Dis can be for both dogs and cats!

 - seller: pupandstuff2

Tux Jacket $12.99

Dis iz a nice tux if you iz going for something more than a collar. I fink diz iz a good deal. Da bowtie adds a nice touch and da cut of da jacket is very sophisticated.






For da bride

Wedding gown and vail from

Wedding gown and vail $22

Dis iz a very beautiful dress for da bride at such a low price. I especially love da bow on da dress. You can’t beat diz price!

Bridal Dog Veil Hairpiece from






Veil Hairpiece $16

Dis hairpiece is gorgeous! I fink it will ad a nice touch to any dress da bride chooses to wear. Dis iz making me want to get married. Too bad momma sez I iznt allowed to (sorry Pierre)!

For da girls:

Pink Paisley dress from Jess&Co





Pink Dress $42

What a perfect dress to wear to da wedding! Loving effuryfing about dis. You can also purchase this tiara in da picture from her website for $9.99. It was hard for me to pick one dress from here so go visit her site and you will be amazed! She even has pearl necklaces on dere for my kitty friends who doezn’t like to dress up!



If you haz any questions or need help finding somefing to wear and dis didn’t help you find what you needed feel free to tweet me (@super_muffy) or email me and I can help you find somefing for da special day!


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5 Responses to Wedding Wear

  1. Moxie says:

    Wow really cool groomdog attires! My Ma iz getting married next year and I am going to pawticipate thank you for the info 🙂

  2. Princess Gwenie says:

    Muffy you have the best taste in clothes! Love the dresses! xoxoxo

  3. I love them all, but that veil is my favorite!

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