Interview wif fashionista Taylor Lashae

Muffy: Today I iz interviewing miss Taylor lashae fashionista/stylist/fotographer did I leave anyfing out? It seems like you does it all!

Taylor: Hey Little Miss Muffy! Thanks for having me! Haha, you are right! Those are the things I do for work!  I also model and I am an avid fashion blogger on the side! Seems like I do it all, huh? I just like to be wrapped up in the industry and the things I LOVE to do!

Muffy: Well dat sounds  like a lot of fun. Out of efuryfing you do what is da most favorite?

Taylor: Oh, that is a hard one. Out of the things I do, I MOST enjoy STYLING! I absolutely adore dressing people, creating a blank canvas into a live fashion piece! It is like when I was a little girl playing with Barbie and Ken! TONS OF CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES! And they wouldn’t DARE leave their condo without looking absolutely fabulous out on the town!

Muffy: Well I am mom’s barbie BOL! But I doez pick out my own clothes most of da time. If you could give all my furshionista friends out der a style tip for da summer what would it be?

Taylor: My best SUMMER advice would be high waisted shorts! Nothing looks cuter with a tank tucked into some precious shorts with wedge heels! SHOW OFF SOME LEG THIS SUMMER!

Muffy: Well I definitely don’t mind showing a litttle bit of my fur off diz summer. BOL! Does you haz a dog of your own?

Taylor: I do! Her name is Tapanga but we all call her “Tappy” for short! She is half Chihuahua and half Rat-Terrier! She is the highlight of my life! She is the happiest puppy in the world! She dances around and taps her feet when you call her name ” Tap Tap Tap!” On another note, You both would be great shopping buddies!

Muffy: She sounds wonderful. I bet her doez have great style, I will haz to ring her up on the iBone sometime! So pretend like you iz gonna do a photo shoot wif me… How doez you imagine da shoot?

Taylor: I see GOLD! BIG smiles and tons of gold! GOLD HAIR BOWS, GOLD NECKLACE.. GOLD NAIL POLISH GOLD LEATHER JACKET PERHAPS? ROCKSTAR SHOOT! Thanks again for all the wonderful questions! If you ever need a stylist or a ROCKSTAR photo shoot! Let me know! 😉 xoxo

Muffy: OMD! Dat sounds like da best time! Fanks for your time Miz Lashae and I hope one day I can be in one of da amazing photoshoots you do! Poodlekisses!

You can follow Taylor on twitter @taylashae or visit her site

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Interview wif fashion designer Ainslee Bowers

Today I iz interviewing hooman furshion designer ainslee bowers. Her designs fings fur your hooman.

(M=Muffy, A=Ainslee)

M: hello ms ainslee, how iz you doing?

A: I am great! Thank you for asking

M: You iz welcome, I was wondering wat colors iz in for spring 2011? Please say pink it’s my favorite color! *paws crossed*

A: I recently read in the lastest Marie Claire that pink is very in for Spring 2011. You are tres chic, Muffy!

M: Oh fank goodness. So if you could design an outfit for a dog like me what would it be?

A: You are so stylish, it would have to be a stunning dress.

M: I doez love da dresses. How long has you been in fashion?

A: About 2 years now.

M: Well you iz very talented for only being in fashion 2 years! does you have a website? Where can our mommies buy your clothes?

A: Yes, my website is:, your Mommy is my web designer – she did an outstanding job! Everyone should hire her for their website/logo needs.

M: BOL! Enough about my mom!! Out of da collection wat iz your favrit piece?

A: The Mara Dress in Wicked Blue – it should be the new ‘Little Black Dress’.

M: I fink i like dat on da best too! I hear you iz giving 20% of da sales to japan. That’s real nice of you and I hope you doez raise lots of money fur dem over der.

A: Thank you, Muffy. You know it’s the least I can do, I wish I could do more. I have close friends living in Japan right now and so this is very near to my heart as well.

M: Well I hope they iz doing alright. Will you be designing for dogs anytime soon? Bol!

A: I hadn’t thought of breaking into that field, but it is certainly something I would consider. Is there a certain look you want to have made? I’d do it just for you!

M: I like anyfing pink! Well mom is calling me time to go! Fank u fur letting me interview you! I iz looking furward to seeing more designs from u in da future!

A: Thank you! You were a joy to talk with ❤

Be sure to visit her site! Follow her on twitter @ainslee4ever

Poodlekisses! #furshionfriday

xoxo muffy

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Muffy’s Wish List

Christmas is around da corner and I iz getting very excited cuz I get gifts! Here iz a few pics from last year:

I iz sniffing my prezents to see what I got...shhh!

Me and my Chewy Vuitton and Barkingsdales card!

I doez know how to open my gifts!

Da best part is making my list out to Santa Paws it gets me real excited for Christmas. Dis year I want a lot of fings so I iz gonna share wif you all what made da top of my list.

1. Sniffany & Co chew toy. Efurry furshionista needs to haz dis little blue box! Itz da perfect little chew toy and you wont get in trouble for chewing on da momma's blue box cuz you haz your own.

2. Jess and Co blinged out tee. I love dis shirt!!! The hot pink against da black is so pretty and it would look nice against my white fur. You can get dis from her haz lots of nice fings on der!

3. Da iBone. So I haz to tweet somehow right? Dis iz da perfect gift for me so I can check my facebook and my twitter! Oh and I can stay up to date on da latest furshions!


4. Carob and Yogurt, Truffle Box. NOM NOM NOM!! You can find dis at

5. Barbie Hoodie. I need diz to keep me warm during winter, oh and its pink and black which is my obsession dis season! Love it! You can find it also at

I will be back wif another list soon, but I wanted to share dis wif you all. If you haz anyfing I might want send me a tweet or email and it could be featured on dis blog! Poodlekisses!

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So tomorrow iz Fanksgiving and you all is probably wondering what to wear? I haz some tips and some Fanksgiving do’s and don’ts that will help you dis year look good and feel comfortable after eating all dat food! nom nom nom….

1. Wear somefing comfy, nuffin to tight cuz you iz gonna be eating a lot you doeznt want to wear somefing dat wont fit later dat day! BOL!

2. DON’T WEAR WHITE!! Chances are when you iz going to piggin out on food you iz gonna get on your clothes so don’t wear white or you will look like a mess!

3. Girls wear a pretty pearl necklace or charm necklace, dis will look so cute wif anyfing you decide to wear and will dress it up a bit! BOYS, wear a handsome collar!

4. Last but not least, LOOK CUTE! I suggest wearing somefing dat is going to make da humanz WANT to feed you. So look your best, your cutest and you will get more food. Alwayz works for me!

So what iz i going to wear for fanksgiving?

TADA! Tracksuits/Jumpers are so comfy and you can still look stylish in it. Dis material is stretchy so no matter how much i eat tomorrow i will still feel comfortable! Oh and da best part – sofie has a matching one and teddy has one in green so we will all match!


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Hello Kitty…Dog clothes?

I know dis may sound silly but I LOVE HELLO KITTY, but I iz a dog? Yes, dogs can like Hello Kitty. In fact, I haz a lot of dog friends that like her! Her iz too cute, duh! Anyways, wanted to show you HK fans some fings you may like.

1. Diz HK tracksuit. Mom ordered one for me and Sofie...should be coming to us soon! We can't wait to wear dem and show you da pictures!

2. HK Tshirts from Cody and Company on Etsy. We love these comfy HK shirts they also haz pink poodles on dem...perfect!

3. HK Costume Tee from eBay (user gashong) - Dis is one of my favorite t-shirts because the hood pulls over into a Hello Kitty face. So adorable, Sofie has one as well. And for only $12 bucks dis a steal!!

4. Howloween costume made by Mimi! Best costume ever. Mimi can make you one too, email me for info!

5. HK Dog Coat (comes with pants too!). THIS IS TO PAW FOR!! This is the only fing on this list that I doeznt haz...Momma Christmas is coming soon *wags tail*. You can find dis on eBay just do a search for "Hello Kitty Dog Coat"

Hope you enjoyed dis post! Poodlekisses!

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Wedding Wear

Dere does be lotz of weddings happening right now. I know dat one of my good furiends iz hazing a wedding Miss Tallulah and Mr Otis iz getting married in January.

I found a few barkgains on da internet so here iz a few ideas of what to wear to a fall/winter wedding if you iz planning on going to one soon:

Tux from PawsBoutique on

For da boyz:

Simple Tux $12.99

Dis tux is very simple and iz great if you doeznt really like to wear clothes. It wraps around da neck like a collar so you doeznt have to bother putting legs and head into small dark holes. Dis can be for both dogs and cats!

 - seller: pupandstuff2

Tux Jacket $12.99

Dis iz a nice tux if you iz going for something more than a collar. I fink diz iz a good deal. Da bowtie adds a nice touch and da cut of da jacket is very sophisticated.






For da bride

Wedding gown and vail from

Wedding gown and vail $22

Dis iz a very beautiful dress for da bride at such a low price. I especially love da bow on da dress. You can’t beat diz price!

Bridal Dog Veil Hairpiece from






Veil Hairpiece $16

Dis hairpiece is gorgeous! I fink it will ad a nice touch to any dress da bride chooses to wear. Dis iz making me want to get married. Too bad momma sez I iznt allowed to (sorry Pierre)!

For da girls:

Pink Paisley dress from Jess&Co





Pink Dress $42

What a perfect dress to wear to da wedding! Loving effuryfing about dis. You can also purchase this tiara in da picture from her website for $9.99. It was hard for me to pick one dress from here so go visit her site and you will be amazed! She even has pearl necklaces on dere for my kitty friends who doezn’t like to dress up!



If you haz any questions or need help finding somefing to wear and dis didn’t help you find what you needed feel free to tweet me (@super_muffy) or email me and I can help you find somefing for da special day!


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Muffy’s Closet Giveaway – CLOSED


Congrats to da first winner of my contest – Tallulah aka @tallulahsmom

Her won dese two tshirts. I know her will look just as good as me in them. I only weared them once, they waz too big on me!

Now to announce da next giveaway…


YOU can win dis never been worn designer dog hoodie size xs. Now dis is for da rittle ones… It fits my sisfur Sofie who iz almost 3 lbs. If you would like to win dis hoodie there are 2 ways to do it:

1. Leave a comment on da blog

2. RT my post on twitter  (@super_muffy) mentioning this giveaway.

Good luck!! Hope dis sweater finds a new home.


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